Ultrasonic Test method is a method used to detect structure discontinuities in almost all types of materials. Ultrasonic test method is used not only as a discontinuity control process, but also for thickness measurement, dimensional measurement and characterization of some material properties.

With the introduction of the first principles of the pulse-echo technique in the 1940s and the advanced use of piezoelectric effect, the use of ultrasonic examination became widespread and became an indispensable technique. Today, it is one of the most widely used methods in welded manufacturing, defense industry, aerospace industry, pressure vessels, automotive, power plants and production houses, and it is a technique that can be used in the current technology to detect discontinuities that cannot be determined by radiography method. With the training of the test personnel in accordance with the standards and gaining experience, the ultrasonic test method is the most sensitive non-destructive test method in practice.

In addition to high sensitivity and precision, the most important advantage of the ultrasonic test method is that very thick parts can be examined and the depth locations of existing discontinuities can be detected. In addition, operator training is difficult and long-term experience is required for interpretation, which limits the application of the method. Ultrasonic test method can be applied to all types of materials produced by all production methods. However, it has a greater importance in all applications that can be accessed from one side, especially in welded manufacturing parts with an angled bevel, in thick constructive steel structures, serial inspection of long profiles and pipes.

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